Permanent cosmetics: scalp pigmentation, 3D areola, scar camouflage, and more

Scalp Pigmentation

If you are suffering from alopecia or other another condition that is resulting in hair loss, you should consider scalp pigmentation as a way to restore appearance.

Scalp pigmentation is not the same as hair loss replacement. However, with scalp pigmentation, we can replicate the look of hair follicles, redefine natural hairlines, and give you the look of a head full of hair.

permanent 3d cosmetics areola

3D Areola

If you have lost some of your areola or all of your areola on one or both of your breasts, a 3D areola cosmetic corrective procedure can help recreate a natural looking areola.

Scar Camouflage Consult

If you have facial scars that you are self-conscious of, we can help. Our Scar Camouflage Consultation includes a color/shape consultation, review of your medical history, explanation of our method, and pre- and post-procedure care instructions.

Apprenticeships for Permanent Makeup

If you need to complete your Apprenticeship for Permanent Makeup,
please call (732) 833-3455 for more information.

Appointment Policy

Consultations include a color/shape consult, medical history review, method theory, pre-procedure & post-procedure care instructions. The fee is applied to your appointment if you book a service.

OttomBeauty requires a $75.00 deposit to hold an appointment that is scheduled online or by phone. The deposit will be put towards your procedure. If you need to cancel your appointment, you must give at least 24 hours notice for the deposit to be refundable. Appointment deposits are non-refundable within 24 hours of the appointment, even if you decide to cancel.